An evil campaign doing the bidding of Asmodeus

Series Status

Ongoing - First season / arc

Episode Frequency & Length

2-3 Hours

Type & Channels

Live Stream, Video Upload
Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram
Nat 1 Club
An evil campaign doing the bidding of Asmodeus

Rules & Source Material

Game Book / Manual
Dungeons and Dragons 5E
Almost True Play, Rule of Cool, Very Casual, Drunk, Comedy, Home Brew Rules

Format, Setting & Vulgarity

Single Continuous Campaign / Season
Gore and Violence, Sexual Theme, Swearing / Cursing, Substance Abuse

DM Type (New)

Cast & Player Characters

POC, Female, Multicultural, Childhood Friends, Random Mix, Some First Time Players
Magic User, Healer, Sneaky, Druid, Tinkerer, Villain / Anti-Hero

Cast Voice Distinctness

Fairly Distinct

Audio Quality & Equipment

Conference Call, USB Mics, Some Background Noise, Hear Dice Roll
Includes Sound Effects

Editing Style

Raw Upload

Video (if applicable)

Multiple Cameras, Video Conference App, On-Screen Elements