Multiple Campaigns of absolute hilarity and craziness!

Series Status

Ongoing - First season / arc

Episode Frequency & Length

2-3 Hours

Type & Channels

Podcast, Live Stream
Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Discord
Dirty Twenty Podcast
Multiple Campaigns of absolute hilarity and craziness!

Rules & Source Material

Home Brew, Game Book / Manual
Dungeons and Dragons 5E
Almost True Play, Comedy, Home Brew Rules

Format, Setting & Vulgarity

Single Continuous Campaign / Season, Multiple Arcs / Seasons, One-Shots
Fantasy, IRL, Space, Horror
Gore and Violence, Sexual Theme, Swearing / Cursing, Substance Abuse

DM Type (New)

Cast & Player Characters

LGBTQ+, Female, Male, Multicultural, Family, Total Strangers, Random Mix, All Knowledgeable of the Rules, Mostly Knowledgeable of the Rules, Some First Time Players
Fighter, Magic User, Healer, Musical, Sneaky, Druid, Tinkerer, Custom Classes

Cast Voice Distinctness

Fairly Distinct

Audio Quality & Equipment

USB Mics, XLR Mics, At Home, Audio improves within first 25 episodes
Includes Music, Includes Sound Effects, Includes Credits for Music and Effects Used

Editing Style

Fully Edited

Video (if applicable)

High Definition, Multiple Cameras