We test systems so you don't have to! ™️

Series Status

Ongoing - Multiple seasons / arcs

Episode Frequency & Length

1-2 Hours

Type & Channels

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Pocket Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, Website
We test systems so you don't have to! ™️

Rules & Source Material

Game Book / Manual, Other IP / Universe
Monster of the Week, Apocalypse Games
Almost True Play, Rule of Cool, Very Casual, Comedy, Guests / Interview

Format, Setting & Vulgarity

Multiple Arcs / Seasons, One-Shots, Rules / Meta / Industry Chat
Fantasy, IRL
Gore and Violence, Sexual Theme, Swearing / Cursing, Substance Abuse

DM Type (New)

Cast & Player Characters

Minor Celebrities / Influencers, LGBTQ+, Female, Male, Multicultural, Childhood Friends, Total Strangers, Mostly Knowledgeable of the Rules, Some First Time Players
Custom Classes

Cast Voice Distinctness

Fairly Distinct

Audio Quality & Equipment

Conference Call, USB Mics, At Home, Some Background Noise, Audio improves within first 10 episodes
Includes Music, Includes Sound Effects, Includes Original Compositions, Includes Credits for Music and Effects Used

Editing Style

Fully Edited

Video (if applicable)